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Ana Rita Pereira and his Désir d'España

By Clara Teixeira

"Désir d'España" is the new show of Ana Rita Pereira, colorature mezzo-soprano, resident in the Paris region. Ana Rita Pereira João Luiz conceived with the show "Désir d'España", a lyrical journey to Spain created from texts Théophile Gautier and the influence of Spanish music in the nineteenth century French melody. Was presented in Paris at Casa Heinrich Heine, and continues to be displayed. "The show was recently tested by the public at the Théâtre de Bligny (91) and achieved a great success. I would continue to present it in various stages. "(...)" Désir d'España "a southern world recreated with humor in imaginary time which brings us memories of flamenco and the splendor of a dreamed Spain leading us to a game of surprises and wonder. Is Ana Rita Pereira who plays on stage and dance, accompanied at the piano by Stéphane Spira. A show she began working last year with his father, director at the Oporto, which helped her choose the texts. Ana Rita is defined as a European artist, born in Belgium, of Portuguese parents, lived in Portugal a part of his childhood and adolescence. This passion for music came from his childhood, "my grandfather's side of my father paid me music lessons and I remember my first time on stage was in Albufeira, where I recited poetry, which made me a strong emotion I felt then that I was in another world! "Then beginning with piano lessons" but I knew deep within myself that I would rather sing, "she recalls. Later he joins his uncle in Andalusia where you will find Spanish music, and then the desire to strengthen its links with the music makes it come to Paris. "Then I continued my studies in piano, harpsichord and harmony, and started singing" explains the Lusojornal. Quickly his talent makes her prizes, her voice warm and powerful at the same time soft allows you to address vast repertoires: early music throughout her tone and contained media, through baroque music that requires grace and lightness to release its power in large lyrical repertoire and ignite with the work of the great Spanish masters such as De Falla and Granados. Since 1995, Ana Rita is presented both as a concert soloist, as integrated into various formations. Created in 2004 with Emmanuelle Mansard colorature soprano “Ensemble Allegro Voce”. Alongside teaches both initiation and musical training to children. Ana Rita Pereira want to go back to the meeting of the Portuguese Community. "I've been closer to the community, particularly with other types of spectacles especially with Paco de Sousa, in the '90s, where he sang the repertoire of Zeca Afonso. "The artist is still connected to their country of origin, loves music and the Portuguese culture, and expects to find the Portuguese public in their upcoming shows. Another project around the Portuguese and Brazilian music will appear shortly. "I think about it often, but for now I focus on this show."


In: Lusojornal - issue No. 135, Series II - 03/July/2013